The BC Government has introduced a new initiative to attract foreign entrepreneurs to communities of less than 75,000 people.

Candidates must:

  1. conduct an exploratory community visit
  2. Minimum of $100,000 in eligible business investment
  3. Minimum personal net worth of $300,000
  4. 3+ years of experience as an active business owner-manager or 4+ years as a senior manager within the last 5 years
  5. take on minimum of 51 per cent ownership
  6. create a minimum of one new job for a Canadian citizenship or permanent resident of Canada

During the exploratory visit, candidates will present their business proposal to the community’s designated pilot representative, who will then submit a referral form to the BC PNP as part of the candidate’s registration.

Interested to know more?  Please call +1-647-785-5648 or email: