Working in Canada

The demand for foreign workers grows as the population ages. Unlike other parts of the world where temporary workers will eventually be required to return to their  home country, in Canada, having a work permit can be translated to permanent residence under the Canadian Experience Class category.

To work in Canada, you will have to find an employer who has been given the permission to hire a foreign worker.  To secure this permission, the employer must apply for and obtain a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).  This is generally the rule, although in some cases, an LMIA is not required. 

Jobs that are Exempted from LMIA

Once a positive LMIA is obtained, you will  then apply for the Work Permit which gives you the right to work in Canada. 

Visit Job Bank Canada to find it there are jobs that may be suitable for you. 

Many provinces require the recruiters of foreign workers be licensed or that they must be Regulated Immigration Consultants.  We are Licenced Recruiter for the Province of Nova Scotia