A foreign national may be inadmissible for immigration to Canada for a number of reasons, such as:

● security, e.g. violence or terrorism

● human or international rights violations, e.g. war crimes

● criminality, e.g. driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol

● organized crime, e.g. people smuggling or money laundering

● health grounds, i.e. if the person’ s condition is likely to endanger public health

● financial reasons, i.e. if the applicant is unable or unwilling to self-support 

● misrepresentation, e.g. providing false information

Inadmissibility based on these grounds may be overcome if certain criteria are met.


Any type of refusal by the immigration authorities may be either challenged in the Federal Court of Canada or, in certain types of cases,before the tribunals.

These appeals will be made either to the Federal Court of Canada, or in certain types of cases, to the Immigration Appeal Division.

There is normally a very strict deadline for such appeals. If you have been refused by DON’T DELAY. GET STARTED NOW!