Each year, the Federal government assigns a portion of the total budgeted immigration numbers to the provinces and territories so they can self select  immigrants  who meet the special economic needs of that province or territory. As these programs are tailored to meet the economic circumstance of the province/territory, the programs and their requirements are tweaked very frequently.  For those who are interested to apply for these programs, we advise you to check the websites of the provinces/territories for the most updated information.

 In general, most of the provinces/territories divide the allotted immigration budget into 2 major categories:

1. Skilled Immigrants | 2. Business Investors


Many provinces operate its own Provincial Express Entry.

This is where the Provinces would go into the Express Entry pool to invite candidates to apply for provincial nominations. 

These candidates are selected if they meet the economic and political objectives of the province.

For example, if there is a need more IT professionals, the province will pick those whose profession are in IT.


Many provinces also select other skilled candidates who are not in the Express Entry system. Many of these candidates meet 1 or more of the following requirements:

●  Have graduated from a post secondary school in the province

● Meet minimum language requirement

● Currently working in a province or have a full time permanent job offer

● Have relatives/friends living in the province


Please click the province/territories to find out more

Tens of thousands of people have migrated to Canada through provincial nomination.  You may be the next person!

 Thousands of people have migrated to Canada through provincial nomination.  You may be the next person! 

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