You are required to include your spouse and your children when applying for Express Entry. You cannot exclude a spouse so that you can have a higher CRS score. This is cheating and you are going to have a problem sponsoring your spouse later because you have excluded her when you applied for Express Entry. 

I know and am aware that many consultants and even lawyers have advised many to do this. This is because there is a lot money to be made down the road. There is the process of sponsoring the spouse and when the application is refused, there is money in the appeal process, and if it is refused, there is more money for filing a humanitarian and compassionate application and then if it is further refused, there is an application for judicial review, etc.

But consider this logically: if you purposely cheat by excluding your spouse in your Express Entry application, why would later IRCC allow your spouse to come into Canada when you sponsor her after you become a PR? If IRCC permits this, then there will be millions of such cheating cases and IRCC will lose control of the Express Entry system.

Do not believe for a moment that your consultant/lawyer knows someone in IRCC and therefore will be able to influence the decison.

Cases in IRCC are assigned at random. Next, there is division of labor in handling such sponsorship case.  Someone will be responsible for assessing the Sponsor’s eligibility, then another, the sponsored person’s eligibiity, then others, the children, yet others, security, medical etc. So knowing one person does not mean that the person is able to influence a decision.