As I grow in this business, I have discovered that clients are not concerned if the consultant is regulated or not, as long as the person promises that he/she can deliver.  In short, the agent must be able to ‘guarantee’ success.  This is something that regulated immigration consultants and lawyers are not permitted to do.

My colleagues and I, often lament over this – why do clients use ‘ghost’ consultants? Do they know ‘ghosts’ consultants do not play by the rules and they are not regulated, so the client may be cheated of their money and there is no recourse?

Having worked and lived in many immigrant-producing countries, I’ve come to realize that many of our clients have grown up in a world of lies, lawlessness, corruption and nepotism.  It is a world where big fish eat the little ones.  It is a world where only those who are street smart will survive.  Evading the law is something that is totally accepted. In fact, in some countries, those who successfully evade the law are well respected by their peers because they make big money. Many who grow up in this type of environment justify their actions by calling this “risk taking” or “no risk, no gain.”

So, to tell our clients that it is against the law to practise immigration in Canada without a license will be received with nonchalance.   “Who cares about breaking laws when we have been breaking laws all our lives in order to succeed/get wealthy or even to live?”

To tell our clients that we’re law abiding citizens and cannot provide a guarantee because we’re not allow to, will be met with incredibility! Are we stupid or what?

Over the year, I have lost many clients because I refused to provide a ‘guarantee’ or that my fees are not as low as those offered by the ghost consultants.   However, there are others who insisted on using the services of only regulated consultants and lawyers. After all, if they are going to adapt to living in Canada permanently, what better way to start than hiring regulated consultants and lawyers?