European Union

A political and economic union of 27 members states including Poland, Lithuania, Germany, France, etc.

A economic powerhouse and a land of Hope for many migrants. 

Even though these 27 countries belong to the same European Union, immigration laws vary from country to country.

In general, it is more difficult for a foreign worker to find a job in Western Europe, such as France and Germany.  Many of these countries have high unemployment and therefore, are not so welcoming to foreign workers especially when these workers are from outside the European Union.

In comparisons, countries who have just join the EU bloc, such as Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, in the last 25 years, have been enjoying low unemployment rate because many big Western European companies have moved their operations to Eastern Europe to take advantage of the cheaper labour. 

These countries are now facing a shortage in labour, their immigration laws are less restrictive and they welcome foreign workers from all over the world as long as they are hired by a local Employer.