Thank you for visiting us. In this business, we have encountered many who are not happy living where they are now.  And although they said they are interested to migrate to Canada/other countries, deep down, they are not quite sure because there are so many attachments to the country where they are living in.  They have grown up there, they have friends and extended family, they have established a name, a good job/business, have physical and psychological support that they may not find if they were to move to a new country.

We have been through this and we understand the dilemma that is facing each of you.  That is why our first aim is to help you decide if you are ready to move or not. We develop a Migration Decision Facilitation Approach to assist you in this.  We do not want you to move and then find yourself in a situation where you are even more unhappy than prior to migrating. This is not our objective.  We want you to be happy wherever you are.

So contact us – our assessment is free and we will be more than happy to guide you through a very important decision that may affect you and your family!