Recently, the polls have not been very kind to our Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau.

They show that his popularity is waning and his Liberal party, if there were an election today, is trailing behind the opposition Conservative Party especially in Western Canada.  

Now, I am aware that Justin Trudeau is wildly popular in other countries. They love his smile, his candidness, and his good looks as well as his humanitarian efforts towards bringing thousands of refugees to Canada.

Some of these people actually said that they wish Justin Trudeau were their prime minister because he is just so wonderful and good looking (especially the later).  

Unfortunately, one of the reasons why our current Prime Minister is in trouble is because he decided to ignore or ‘punish’ provinces who did not elect him. While jobs are being lost in huge numbers in Western Canada and elsewhere, he is concerned about job loss in a certain province because that province is expected to support him overwhelmingly in the coming election. Not only that, he allegedly attempted to pervert the course of justice to protect a large MNC based in that province.

Our Prime Minister may be doing what many leaders have done in developing countries – offer booty prizes for those who have supported him and punish constituencies who have not, some to the extent of withdrawing public services to the people.  In short, if you are not my friend, then you’re my enemy.

This may apply to other countries but in Canada, a Prime Minister is expected to represent ALL provinces, regardless of whether these provinces voted for him or not.  In addition, unlike many in developing nations, this person is NOT above all laws and Canadians cannot allow any person to influence the rule of the law.

Most people migrate to Canada not because we have a good-looking Prime Minister, but because we have a good and clean government which represents all: if this is no longer the case, Canadians will apply to migrate to other countries. But where can we go?