Great Chance of Success

We only take on cases if there is a reasonable likelihood of success. We will provide you with an honest assessment of your eligibility before we represent you so you don’t have to waste any resources  


No Risk of Penalty

If you must cancel the migration process for any reason, you will be assured that there will be no risk of penalty or further charges from our office. In this instance, you will only incur up to the time of the file closure. Any unused deposit money will be refunded to you.

Fee Protection

We are committed to maintaining the highest quality of processing.  In the unlikely event that your case is refused because of a mistake or error on our part, we will put the matter right wherever possible and will charge you no further consulting cost. 


Not all who would like to use our services will become our clients.

Unlike other companies, our mission is not to grow rich but to help others start a new life somewhere else. 

We select our clients carefully and we will not take on your case unless we are sure that our expertise can make a difference!! 

We are deeply committed to our clients and we do not want to dilute this commitment by accepting anyone and everyone just because they are able to pay for our services.

Many of our clients have become our friends over the years and we prefer to do business in this manner.


We will put together a complete APPLICATION PACKAGE that contains everything that is required, information and documents that are to be reviewed by an immigration officer who will be making a decision on your case.

We will MANAGE and MONITOR your CASE from the beginning to the end. We will make sure that your application is directed to the correct Canadian immigration office in due time and we will prepare you for a possible interview if it is required.

We will submit a LETTER that serves to show the authorities that you are a proper person to live and work in Canada.

All applications will have to pass through the scrutiny of Dr. Rose prior to submission to ensure that the approving Migration Officer’s  concerns have been addressed.


We will always tell the truth even if it means losing potential business.