We’ll Be There Every Step of the Way


We know  it is very difficult to find a job in another country, despite your qualifications and experience.

We also understand that it is very difficult to start a new life in a new country, even when one has a job. You don’t know anyone.  You go home from work and you’re all alone.  On weekends, you’re all alone.  Your computer or your TV are your only friends.  You feel homesick, you miss your family, your miss your friends, your social life…

We understand all these because we have been through this and for some of us, many times, over and over again.  It is difficult to make friends, difficult to assimilate into another culture and another life quickly.

Because we have been through this, we will not throw you into the sea and let you swim by yourself.

When you are recruited by us, we’ll hold your hand and together we will wade through this.      You can approach us and we will advise you to the best of our ability. Our Agent will meet you  as soon as you arrive and we will advise you of everything – from grocery shops, to obtaining a mobile phone, etc.  We may also introduce you to others who are from the same community. 

We do not just want to give you a job, we want you to succeed.



Send your CV to our Recruiter.



Our Recruiter will contact you for more information.  Depending on the positions, we will conduct one or more interviews.



You will be asked to provide documents  for work permit application.


Get Hired

Buy an air-ticket and start your new Job! We will be awaiting for you at the airport!