Second Largest Nation in the world. Canada is top country list for many would be immigrants.

Canada admits more than 300,000 immigrants every year.  More than half of these new migrants are skilled professionals.  This means they are ready to find a job in Canada as soon as they land in Canada.  There are also more than 350,000 international students in Canada.  These students are eligible to obtain a 1-3 years work permit to work upon graduation.

In addition, the process of hiring a foreign worker is long and tedious.  Employers must show evidence that they are not able to hire local employees for the job, that the labour market where the job is, has a low unemployment level, must obtain an approval from the Employment and Social Development Agency (ESDC) before the Employer can submit an application for a work permit, and even then, Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) may still reject the work permit application.

As a result, not many Employers are keen to hire foreign workers.  Apart from trade jobs such as plumbers, drivers, farmers, etc., Employers in general prefer not to hire a foreign worker.